We bring together de best of two worlds: Engineering and Police Intelligence

About us

vi Technologies

We design systems and sell high-end and bespoke security and surveillance solutions.

The very nature of our client list makes it impossible for us to make public images or detailed solutions that we have designed.


Our product categories include:

  • Forensics software for audio and video enhancement
  • Forensic data extraction
  • Specialized and bespoke optics
  • Tactical COFDM equipment
  • Audio and Audio / Video tactical surveillance equipment
  • Tactical GPS tracking solutions
  • GSM and Wi-Fi tracking and intercepting solutions
  • Information leak detection solutions
  • Drones
  • Mechanical & Electronical locks opening solutions


Our products and solutions are only aimed at police, intelligence agencies, special forces and other government approved organizations.
For any details regarding our product portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Telecomunications – medium and big IP / MPLS networks
  • Wireless – COFDM, Wi-Fi, Mesh Networks, ZigBee, RFID
  • Secure / Encrypted communication networks
  • Designing and programming microcontroller based circuits
  • “Embedded Linux” and “Computer on a Chip” systems
  • M2M and telemetry systems
  • Virtual instrumentation – LabView
  • Designing and execution of complex security systems