Today’s realtors face ever higher competition. In such an environment, differentiation in fundamental to success and drones offer a unique perspective to both customers and brokers alike. Aerial photos and videos allow properties to be showcased in new and creative ways, adding to the allure while also illustrating the surrounding environs. Combined with indoor photography, realtors are now able to arm themselves with creative tools that were only available to the largest of projects in the past. Pairing DJI products with software platforms also enables new creative avenues for showcasing unique qualities of a particular property. Prospective buyers could measure out areas for specific features they might want to place on their lawns. A 3D model can be generated from photographs to allow individuals to experience the architecture in new and unique ways. Experiencing properties in more interactive ways allows agents to help clients better envisage how a property meets the needs of client.

Taking a construction project from idea to reality is complex, involving numerous sub-contractors and processes overlapping each other. While companies push to keep the project on track, small mistakes made by individual sub-constrictors can get overlooked, eventually leading to expensive change orders, reworks and even litigation. With DJI drone solutions, site managers can regularly map their site to stay informed on individual task progress, preventing large change orders before they happen.

Building inspections often require teams of people clambering along walls, walking across rooftops and the construction of scaffolding. Armed with a DJI Inspire carrying the DJI Zenmuse X5, hundreds of high quality 16 megapixel images or reams of clear and sharp 4K footage can be captured in a single flight for close inspection on the ground. With problem areas identified and evaluated in advance, repairs can be carried out more quickly and efficiently. These efficiencies are further enhanced using the DJI Zenmuse XT camera. Mounted on the Matrice 100, it can fly for up to 30 minutes allowing it to inspect large structures or complexes. If mounted to an Inspire it can be launched rapidly in environments where speed is essential. The Zenmuse XT enables more holistic data collection, providing heat map data that serves as a basis for analysis, feeding more accurate predictions for future building defects, root cause analysis, and even identification of appropriate remedial solutions.